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Ramadan Kareem 2024!

Kickstart Your Ramadan by following these steps!


In humble reverence to The Most High, we gratefully embrace the arrival of the much-anticipated month in the Muslim calendar—a sacred moment filled with blessings, profound reflection, opportunities for rejuvenation, and a collective focus on nurturing good health. As the new moon arrives, we embark on a journey of spiritual significance and personal growth.


In light of this Ramadan month, here are some proactive steps to kickstart your Ramadan month both at home and in the workplace:




Sanitize Your Fridge:

Ensure a hygienic Ramadan by cleaning and sanitizing your fridge before replenishing it with food. Dispose of old items to make space for fresh Ramadan supplies and prevent contamination.


Fresh Prayer Garments:

Get fresh prayer garments and mats for the office surau. Clean items can enhance the atmosphere and prevent mustiness.


Clear Your Desk:

Declutter your workspace from snacks and drinks to avoid cravings during fasting. A tidy desk promotes clarity and focus.


Schedule Your Work:

Adapt your work schedule to the shorter working hours during Ramadan to maximize productivity.


Practice Sunnah:

Embrace the Sunnah by incorporating Miswak (kayu sugi) into your daily oral hygiene routine to counteract increased bacteria production in the mouth during fasting.


Sleep Regulation:

With changes in waking hours during Sahur, regulate your sleep cycle to avoid daytime lethargy. Adjust your bedtime earlier than usual to ensure sufficient rest at night.




Wishing all esteemed Clients, Members, Providers and Stakeholders a blessed Ramadan 2024


We would like to extend our warmest and most heartfelt wishes to all our esteemed Clients, Members, Providers and Stakeholders. May this Ramadan be a luminous chapter, infused with  and profound moments of connection.



Embracing the essence of Ramadan, let us unite in gratitude, reflection, and kindness, forging bonds that transcend borders and celebrate the values of shared humanity.


Wishing you all Salam Ramadan 2024!

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