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Did you know that in Malaysia, every 5 minutes, a person will be requiring blood transfusion? So, if you have donated blood even once in your life, you are a true hero and lifesaver.


Blood supply in Malaysia relies mainly on voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors. Blood donation and transfusion services in Malaysia started back in the 1950s. It has since evolved into the National Transfusion Medical Service, under National Blood Centre.


The National Blood Centre has been relying on the goodwill and generosity of the community in Malaysia, a country of more than 32 million in population. The Ministry of Health (MOH), alongside non-governmental organizations (NGOs), support these sustainable, nationally coordinated blood donation programs that are delivered across health centres and institutions such as hospitals and Klinik Kesihatan. Blood donation drives are also conducted by teams who can travel to you, instead of having to travel to them.


A single blood donation can save up to at least 3 lives. The donated blood will be screened and further processed in the laboratory into its individual components, namely: plasma, platelet concentrates, and packed red cells. All three components, blood and its derivatives, are used daily in high volume by the transfusion-dependent patients.


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Every year to the global extent, 14th June is dedicated to celebrate the heroes and lifesavers who have, in their lifetime, unselfishly donated their blood for the good and betterment of others. This day is dedicated to acknowledge, to thank and to encourage heroes around the word to donate blood, and for new blood donors to join this selfless act of caring for strangers. It is also a chance to advocate the importance of blood donation, as it has time and time again, proven to have saved countless of lives.




    The main objectives of the World Blood Donor Day according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are:
  1. To celebrate and thank individuals who donate blood and encourage more people to become new donors
  2. To encourage people in good health to donate blood regularly to transform the quality of life for transfusion-dependent patients and help build secure blood supply in all countries across the world
  3. To highlight the critical roles of voluntary regular blood and plasma donations in achieving universal access to safe blood products for all populations
  4. To mobilize support at national, regional and global levels among governments and development partners to invest in, strengthen and sustain national blood programs

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Everyone is welcomed to donate blood to make the world a better place to live. No matter where you are, who you are, you are more than welcome to join hands and play a pivotal part in making sure that the needy and the less fortunate are taken care of.


To care and further protect the lives of these heroes as well as the recipients, several requirements were implemented to safeguard the process of blood donation.


    The criteria set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) include, but are not limited to those:
  1. Aged between 17 (with consent from parents/legal guardian) and 60 years old
  2. With body weight of at least 45kg
  3. Not bearing any chronic medical illnesses
  4. Not on long term medications and not under any alcohol influences within 24 hours prior to donation
  5. Well rested, in good physical form and not in fasting
  6. Free from any infective diseases such as AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis



There are several ways to join efforts in ensuring that the National Blood Registry is at a safe level to provide adequate and equitable blood supply to all.


  1. Blood donations can be made at centres all around Malaysia that offer blood donation services registered under the Ministry of Health (MOH), including state health centres and institutions.
  2. All year round, there will be mobile blood donation drives conducted actively by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to assist the public to come forward and donate blood. These mobile sessions are conducted at government and private offices and buildings, institutes, as well as shopping malls.

So, let’s head on to the nearest blood donation service centre to be part of a selfless community that helps the needy, and an ecosystem that sustains one another!


Additionally, if you are a corporate client of PMCare, our Wellness team is able to collaborate with panel medical providers to organize a blood donation drive right at your office.


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