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We help to manage and administer various combinations and permutations of our corporate clients' medical benefit programmes. With a proven track record of managing close to 650,000 members as at today, we are committed to provide quality services to our members. We have a strong network of 2,000 affiliated medical providers located throughout Malaysia. PMCare processed close to 3.8 million medical claims worth of RM1.02 billion in year 2013

We manage because we care. That's PMCare4U.

Mediline™ System

PMCare processed over 3.8 million medical claims worth of RM1.02 billion in year 2013. .....(read more...)

New Medifile™ System

Dear Our valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform that we have launched our new Medifile™ System to replace the existing Medifile™.(read more...)

Corporate Clients

PMCare would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our corporate clients who continue to have confidence in us and sign long-term contracts with us. Some of our corporate clients are:

MedilineTM Submission For 2011 (read more...)

Mediline Submission
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We are pleased to inform that PMCare together with Hospital Pusrawi will be organizing our 3rd GP Symposium 2014 on Saturday, 14th June 2014 at the Vistana Hotel, Jalan Lumut, Kuala Lumpur. A copy of invitation brochure is attached for your reference.