The benefits of BPO amongst others include relieving corporate clients from performing non-core administrative functions while at the same time allowing them to focus on their strategic and core competencies and enhancing their companies’ values. The administrative services that we undertake to relieve the corporate clients, amongst others are as follows:-

  • The 24-hours carelines - Our corporate clients are no longer required to facilitate their employees and eligible dependents to access to medical providers which can be troublesome if they happen to be on weekends or public holidays. We provide 24-hours carelines centre to facilitate admission and outpatient specialist visits of corporate clients employees and eligible dependents to medical providers on cashless basis. Our carelines centre also attend to queries by members on members validity, the benefit entitlement, the medical utilization incurred to date, the limit available, provider locations and other general enquiries.

  • Medical utilisation report - We generate for our corporate clients medical utilization report on periodical basis. The report contains qualitative and quantitative information such as information on medical expenses incurred by department, cost centre, subsidiary, division etc. depending on the organisation structure.The report also analyses the trends on the medical cost, utilisation, diagnosis, type of illness and recommendation to manage the medical cost. Therefore, this report can be very useful tool for the management of corporate clients to make informed decision.

  • Employee personal ledger - We maintain ledger for our corporate clients’ employee and their eligible dependents. The ledger has personal details of employees such as medical utilisation (i.e. where and when treatments were made), type of illness, benefit entitlement, etc.

  • Maintenance of eligibility listing - Every month or quarter, we provide to our corporate clients Eligibility Listing; on the names of employees and eligible dependents who are eligible under various benefit entitlements. The listing will also provide the latest updates on any staff movements and additional or termination of employees and eligible dependents.

  • Claims administration - Corporate Clients are no longer required to capture and process medical claims from the various medical providers which can be laborious and tedious. Instead, we capture and process all claims from medical providers on behalf of our corporate clients and make payments to the various medical providers accordingly.